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Nonprofit leaders,

We know you are tired.

Up to 75% of nonprofit donations come in the 4th quarter. This season creates a hectic season of the fullest schedules for nonprofits, often leaving leaders burnt out and exhausted. We encourage you to find rest. Below are some tips our team has found helpful after a full work season.

1. Find small things outside of work that bring you joy.

Dedicate time to be still and calm your mind from your massive to-do list and find things outside of your job that made you happy today. Instilling gratitude for the small things will run over into every part of your life including your nonprofit. Start a Gratitude Journal to write five things each day for which you are grateful. That small act lifts your spirits. Download Blessings Brokers gratitude journal here.

2. Schedule time to do what you love.

Leaders of nonprofits make countless sacrifices every day. The selfless spirit of leaders is something to admire, however, it is important for leaders to fill up their tanks. Whether it is kayaking, hiking, reading a book, or simply taking a nap, schedule time to do what you love!

3. Find a Balance.

Long hours, working during family time, and rarely resting are common traits in nonprofit leaders. When you are passionate about your mission and love what your nonprofit is doing, it’s hard to find time to stop and relax. Finding a balance between all parts of your life is essential.

We want to bless you! If you are looking for some time away, Blessings Brokers would love to offer you a stay at Mount Sinai Cabin for a discounted rate. Located in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains, it is the perfect place for reflection.