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  1. Start Preparing for End of Year

While it might seem early to start planning for your end year Annual Fund campaigns, it’s not! It’s never too early to start preparing.  The more groundwork your nonprofit lays for your end of the year, the smoother the big asks, campaigns, and challenges will be.

  1. Send out an Annual Report 

It is recommended that annual reports are created/published within six months of the end of your fiscal year. So if your nonprofit’s year ends in December, before June, it is best practice for your annual report to be sent out to donors and available on your website for the rest of the year for transparency. What does a good Annual Report include? A letter from the President, some good metrics of success and impact for your ministry, impact testimonials, two pie charts of your income and expenses, and a page of your “Looking Forward” vision.

  1. Send out Customized Impact Reports to your top donors 

Sending customized impact reports to your top donors is a great way to give them a sneak peek of your annual report. Major donors love to see how their donations are being used, reports are a good way to create a lasting relationship!  These reports are easy to create in a Google Doc with the Annual Report content, then customize their name on the first page. You can mail them out (optimally) or send them individually as a pdf.

  1. Look at a Possible Matching Challenge 

The Mid-Year might be the perfect time to run a matching challenge! We recommend doing this between Mother’s Day and Memorial Day.  Some non-profits include a way to “honor your Mom” by giving to your non-profit, then include a downloadable Mother’s Day card to kick off the Matching Challenge.

The Mid-Year is the perfect time to check in with your fundraising goals. It can provide an excellent opportunity to raise funds for your Nonprofit!