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Non-Profit Meeting Guide

We know the frustrations of having a meeting not go as planned…..

Follow these steps to leave your clients, potential clients, or team impressed!

  • The most important meeting is the meeting BEFORE the meeting. Meet internally first to go over objectives who will be part of your meeting.
  • If the meeting is scheduled to be in person, ensure a calendar invite has been sent weeks prior to all parties and the meeting venue—conference room, restaurant reservations, or private room—has been reserved. If the meeting is scheduled to be via Zoom, set up the Zoom and send a calendar invite with the secure Zoom link embedded in the calendar invite. Ensure the settings are correct for the waiting room, screen sharing, etc.
  • If a major donor ask is being presented, prepare and print the documents well ahead of time.  Prepare a copy for each one in the meeting.
    • Customize the cover letter with the ask amount
    • Case For Support
    • Customize the Commitment Form
    • Include the Stock Transfer Form
  •  If the meeting is via Zoom, the first three documents listed can also be merged into one pdf to send to the donor after the meeting if you have shared your screen and presented the Case For Support and ask.
  • If the meeting is in person, prepare the room’s Audio Visual at least 30 minutes ahead of time for microphone check, LCD projector and laptop. Set up refreshments, water, pens, pads, and determine where each person will sit ahead of time. I pray over the space also.
  • If the meeting is via Zoom, plan to log into the Zoom as the host 10-15 minutes ahead of time to welcome your guests.
      • (3 minutes)
      • President (10 minutes)
      • Program Director (5 minutes)
  • Prepare an agenda and send it to the meeting participants at least 24 hours ahead of time. Time each item and list who is the lead to optimizing time
  • Smile and thank your meeting donors/participants again for their valuable time. Let them know you look forward to following up on the day/time you mutually decided.
  • Write a handwritten thank-you note or at least an email after each meeting to the participants. That small gesture sets you apart even more.

Congratulations on leading a successful, influential meeting. You are making a difference!